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front wheel bearing


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I have some play in my front right wheel bearing on the fireblade, should I just replace it, or inspect, regrease and pull it up??


Also Is it best to get the bearing from Caterham, or a local bearing specialst, does anyone have a part no, or know which make/model i need?


'Pinky Pics' here

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Hi, I'd take it a part, re-grease it and re-insert it, assuming the roller bearings are all OK and still in the races (unlike mine were!).


QWB131c is the Quinten Hazel part no for a Spitfire front hub assemble which mine is (approx £23 a side).


Hope that helps.



VX Power

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This had a fair bit of play.. you could wiggle the wheel while it was on the ground and hear it clonk, I have disassembled it, dropped the bearing in some petrol, cleaned them up, removed all the old hard grease from the hub, regreased the bearings, working it in well, reassembled the unit, nipped the hub nut up... span the hub a few times then backed the hub nut off a little.


Hopefully this will be ok 🤔



'Pinky Pics' here

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Felt towards the upright was how my car came to me, and I replaced mine in the same way.


BTW, I've got a small amount of play in both my front wheels, although not enough to see the wheel move when I throw my weight around it, just I can feel it 'tap' when I do (this is since replacing both sets of bearings and runners)


Now, the dust caps and new and unmarked, so I'm reluctant to have to take them off to fiddle if the amount of play is within sensible tolerance, but what would people say is sensible tolerance?






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