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How times have changed...


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Just flicking through an old LF Aug 2000 and there is a report for curbugger


For some comparison here are the class fastest times when compared to last Augusts event


Class1 2000 - J.Barry 67.47, 2004 Charles Fitzhugh 67.74

Class2 2000 - G.Perry 65.27, 2004 Richard Price 64.41

Class3 2000 - A.Thorpe 65.91, 2004 Dave McFarlane 60.45

Class4 2000 - N.Potter 64.11, 2004 Andy Griffiths 61.24

Class5 2000 - G.Cardew 61.56, 2004 Dave Jackson 58.54

Class6 2000 - T.Wilson 57.42, 2004 Brodie Branch 54.74


THis was the event that Gordon drove Alex Wongs car and beat him, claiming class 5 by 1/100th over Jane Farthing...


Other notables


D.Jackson (assume that is Dave) 4th in class 4 65.85

Graham Ford 5th in class 4 67.31

P Ransom 4th in class 6 61.45

Barbara Swift 5th in class6 67.93


rob *thumbup*

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