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Fitting Nitrons - Numpty Question


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I've noticed that some 7s have their front dampers mounted upside down. I'm going to fit my 1-way adjustable Nitrons this weekend and was wondering if it's appropriate to mount these upside down or should I mount fronts and rears with the adjustable platforms at the bottom and the damper adjuster at the top 🤔



Also - I've got 270 front and 170 rears - what's a good initial setting for the dampers?





R400 Duratec Build and Modification Pictures here

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i've got my nitrons right way up, but the front damping adjusters have still corroded stuck, so you'll have to maintain them more carefully than i did- regular washing, occasional WD40 and always garaged not enough

perhaps i should adjust my suspension more often- only wanted to soften them for wet practice *eek*

if you need to borrow a 9mm hex drive let me know as only up the road



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Dampers are run downside up to keep unsprung weight to a minimum ie the wheel side of things, it improves damper response as it allows the damper to control the spring, hub and wheel/tyre weights (ie the minimum it has to) but not requiring it to look after the extra weight of the damper body.


That and it looks cool to them what know... *thumbup*

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