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210 bhp Last chance to get the Quaife sequential in this car - £14500 with a six speeder

Peter Carmichael

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Last chance of getting the Quaife six speed sequential in this car It's going in the other car this weekend if no-one is interested. AND NO - THE GEARBOX IS NOT FOR SALE ON ITS OWN


The car is a '97 Roadsport (roadgoing and road registered) modified to a spectacular R400+ spec.


Highlights are:


210BHP PTP Evo 1800 k-series engine running on Emerald engine management.

Caterham dry sump setup with Pace products dry sump tank.

Rare 4.1:1 quaife LSD for blistering in-gear acceleration.

Foam filled endurance fuel tank

Mike Barnby R500 style split rim wheels wih cast magnesium centres currently shod with ACB10s.

Stack 8102SP Datalogging dash

Plumbed in fire extinguisher

Composite Tillet seats for both passenger and driver


The car was PTP's development car for this spec of the EVO engine and is the featured car on PTP's home page.


Looking for offers IRO £15500 with Quaife sequential. £14500 with Caterham six-speeder.


Edited by - Peter Carmichael on 29 Sep 2005 13:44:29

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On ebay items go up in price as time progresses. Here it's the other way round. *confused*


Basically from here on in it is going to be a downward slope to it being a tidily specced six speed supersport for £10000. If anybody wants to short circuit its downward spiral, feel free. I know that for the price and performance there isn't another deal like this out there at the moment.

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