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Cadwell - Thanks


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A big thank you to Geoff for the Cadwell Track Day(s).


I was in the Red Group on Wednesday and I think I can speak for everyone in all groups and say we all had a great day with I think we only had one minor incident all day, the driving standard in the Red group in my opinion was exemplary.


Met lots of new faces and many old? faces as well.


I was pleased that my old live axled Zetec engined 7 can keep up, mine was the blue car with the yellow wings!


Thanks again







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Just like to add my thanks to Geoff for an excellent day on Wednesday. A bit chilly at first with the balmy breeze and a few specks of rain so very pleased to see it dry and warm up a bit later on.


Agree with the earlier comments about the driving standards in the red group, it was a pleasure to be involved. What a great track as well, thoroughly enjoyed the day, roll on the next one *smile*.

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Yep I too was in the red group and there were some much faster cars out there but feeling my way around after and engine and suspension upgrade I was happy to allow the fast stuff past when needed.

Still thought it was ruddy cold and very windy at times.

Upty plonk times second the thanks to the organisers!




Black and stone chip.

Engine now run in *smile*


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A great 2 days for me and it'll probably be repeated again next year....the highlight for me was a ride out in the last session on Wednesday in Brodies Duratec *tongue* which after recent events in the last few months fired up my enthusiam for all things 7 again *smile*


Thanks to everyone who helped out with signing on etc on both days as it's a team effort at the end of the day and I can't run these days on my own ...it's much appreciated *thumbup*


Allen Payne

Alex Wong

Mark Durrant

Gareth Harrold

Paul Forester

Paul Marriott

and my family helpers too....and anyone else I've missed.


Thanks also to the instructors...Dr John, Alex and Tom.


Roll on Oulton next month...


Geoff *smile*



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Ladies and gents, on behalf of the instructors I would like to thank you for the kind words of appreciation. It was very pleasing to have drivers who were prepared to listen and moderate their enthusiasm to stay planted on the black stuff in tricky driving conditions. We noticed the consideration given to fellow drivers to ensure a safe and enjoyable two days. Keep up the good work so that we can jointly ensure the next track day meets the same high standard. P.S. The Cadwell Park officials also noticed the exemplary behaviour and we will be welcomed back in the future.

Dr John

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A belated thanks *thumbup* to Geoff P and the team, and apologies to one and all for not turning up in time Tues AM to help having volunteered(..... hangs his head in shame 😳). By the time I turned up everything all jobs were allocated and running smoothly, good work all round I reckon. Wifey with 5-month old daughter tagged along so I'm using that as an excuse for being late (you would not believe the logistics involved *confused*).


Agree with Dr John and others- given the conditions, the standard of driving in Blue group was first class, the best I've experienced on a L7C day thus far. The fact there were so few stoppages in the other groups suggests good standards across the board.


darren f

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  • Support Team

Another thank you to Geoff for a great day despite the awful weather on the 1st session (blue).


It was my 1st cadwell experience and Dr John's instructions, whilst showing me around the circuit, made it into a tremendous day just trying to put into practice the excellent advice given. I was so impressed that I sent two or three others down to the instructors so that they too could be enlightened.



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I think Green is the best place to be, in some ways I would like to have my time again and do L7C trackdays as a novice *smile* There was some great driving in the green group too, some very quick-looking guys and gals through the Mountain *thumbup*




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