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fitting cycle computer


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I too have used velcro but this has recently unstuck itself, so I've done a temporary fix with a big blob of bluetack!


Don't fit anything permanent to the top of the scuttle or you won't be able to get the tonneau on.

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If you are pansying around with the standard-fit airbrake *tongue* *wink*, why not fit it to that monstrosity...


If you follow the link to my site (below), then into the products-section and then find the Sigma BC1200 link (can't provide it from work, I'm afraid), you'll see a couple of mounting methods that might suit you - and they have the *SIGNIFICANT* advantage of placing the computer in near line-of-sight so that you actually get some (safety) benefit from it...


Project Scope-Creep is live...


Alcester Racing 7's Equipe - 🙆🏻



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