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VVC noisy?


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I've had my VVC engined roadsport for about 2 months now - and don't know if its me, but are these engines quite "clattery" normally. Obviously, there's no sound insulation under the bonnet so there's going to be abit of engine noise anyway - but are VVC engines normally abit "tappety"?
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Agh I'm in unchartered waters replying on Techtalk but here's me' penn'worth. 😬


Yes, I believe VVC is clattery on start up, especially if it hasn't been used for some time. I believe it's something to do with the hydraulic followers not getting the full serving of oil to begin with. Mine certainly clatters away for a few minutes.


I hope 'they all do that sir' *cool*

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They can seem a bit tapperty, but the last time mine was tappety 'constantly' it turned out the vvc control bit was knackared. Im sure Dave Andrews has loads lying around as he takes that many off for solid cam conversion 😬 😬 😬



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