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Lots of Heyford traffic (homebound)

Frying Pan

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Only got to go out in the Se7en late afternoon, and though I'd head over to Heyford. Just as I arrived, spotted F355GTS and Angus (with Tessa) leaving the site. Followed them up to Middleton Stoney.


After a quick fuel stop at Cherwell Service, headed off again and saw 10-15 cars heading towards the M40. Recognised FrankyKnuckles but that was about it!


Gave you all a wave and *thumbup*


Nice day for it in the end *cool* Hope you all had fun...




See some pictures of the build here. 5000 miles completed!

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I might have been one of the "wavees" 😬 I was in the BRG/yellow 7 being closely followed by my "white van man" support team *wink*


PS: I don't think you saw Tessa in Angus' car... I thought his name was Terry *eek*





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😬 - Hi Guy - good timing as you pulled out of the country lane behind us!

Twas indeed Terry, not Tessa, who was with me for the day. Fellow designer and now a confirmed caterham nut! he had a fantastic time at Heyford - did brilliantly well driving our car having never driven anything like it before, and was nervous before hand at making a fool of himself, which he certainly didn't. He commented on what a friendly bunch everyone was.

He is now seriously considering getting a 7 - another convert! *thumbup* 😬


Big update!


80,000miles in 3 years plus

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