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not to happy today after getting my car ready fot cadwell on the 4th ,for the last 3 weeks .

On my last track day i rang my insurance company( EGGER LAWSON) up and said i will be doing a track day .

well i have forgotten to do this for the 4th do you have to ring them?, i have track cover on my policy and this will be the 1st track day of the 4 on my new policy for this year


it does say they need 48 hours working day notice for cover but is that if your booking over your 4 free days? monday they will be closed and no one is there today 🤔

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I phoned EL the other day to use the 1st of my included track days, they then sent me a "receipt" by post. If you don't give them 48 hours notice they will quote you way over £100 for on the spot cover as Den found out at Silverstone last year...





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