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Cross drilling solid discs


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Okay i have some nice new shiny discs sat here and i am going to attack them with a lath to get them down to minimum thickness.


I also fancy doing a little bit of pyscho driller on them.


So any ideas on size of holes placement, pattern etc.


Sod the heater wheres my shades

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Please be aware - If you decide to do this and you are involved in an accident and the accessor notices "HOME DRILLED DISCS" OR discs NOT designed to be drilled you will be up the creek! with no visible means of paddeling! I have some experience many years ago of a customer of mine! the disc collapsed under braking from about 100mph or so....................very lucky for him only his car was damaged! and no other parties involved - the AA chap who towed his car to me did notice however!


Are you really going that fast?


If you are then buy some tarrox items or the like! plenty of em out there!

OMO of course!

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