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sticking my neck out ......... 2005 Champion will be .......

Jason Plato

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You may be right. Having watched both at Llandow Andy was going really fast & has got it together well & may just be a bit more consistant than Charles.


Whatever, It's going to be tight. 😬


Watch out for Anthony Abbateillo though he did a fantastic set of sprints as a novice *thumbup*


How do you get the dead flies off your teeth....... 😬 R5AAH


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Dave: Thought the same myself......Thing is, class 1 may not always get enough entrants for full points so Andy Griffiths looks like firm favourite to me - although class 4 isn't that busy and numbers may fall.

Class 5 looks very close so it's unlikely 1 person will get 7 full point wins. Maybe someone from class 2 will get 7 21.5 wins? I doubt it though as there are several people who are very close in class 2.

Class 6 has too few runners and I don't know anything about class 3 - I guess Dave McF could do very well if he's back regularly this year.


Still. . .. early days and who knows what will happen. I'm sure it'll be interesting whatever.


Suffering serious sprint cold-turkey. Must get this finished *smile*

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I'd say that Griff looks favorite.


I'd agree with Adam, that anyone with 7 maximum scores in class 2 is most unlikely.

There's a handfull of potential class winners in class 2 .

I think Marks Longcross result will be an isolated one, and the rest of th season will see class 2 winners no more than a second clear of the hotly contested pack!

It's a shame, because who ever wins class 2 this year, is likley to have worked harder than most other classes!

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Hi Mike,Yes i am running 15" wheels as the 13" barnby wheels would not stop spinning from 1st through 4th so i have got last years wheels and tyres on again with the very grippy list 1a's on 😬 As for winning the championship it is early days as my main competitor Ken is not even on last years pace yet and it seems that his new tyres this year are not performing as they should as he is a very quick driver and that does not go overnight.On the point of overall champion it is as a point of which i have never agreed with including the points system.The person who wins the overall championship is the person with the least competition in their class as has proved in the last couple of years.This is not to say that some of the times and performanceswere not stunning especally some of Brodie's in the standard busa,but if your nearest challenger is always a few secconds behind then that to me is not close competition.As richard has pointed out that in class 2 it is usually very close all year so the winner is well deserved.I think the overall trophy should be for something different like best newcomer to encourage new people in or most entertaining drive so as to make the class win more important.With the points system the way it is it is nearly impossible to claw back a maximum points score so if someone can't compete in all the events because of work commitments or finances to me it is unfair ie if me and ken now compete in all the remaining events he would struggle to claw the points back where as if it were a straight 10 points for a win etc then it would be a lot easier to pull back.Anyway that is my two penneth worth 😬



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Thanks for your vote of confidence, but I think I will have a battle with Matt Jenkins and the other Class 1 competitors this year.


I think the drop scores will have a major influence on the overall outcome, along with getting the minimum number of competitors to hopefully achieve max points at each event.


It's certainly started as a cracking year with the technical diffrences between the events. Roll on Curborough!





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Thanks for your vote of confidence, but you're good and im crap! 😬

Hopefully class 1 will have some good battles this year, look forwards to curborough and mira! Im afraid ill only be doing 6 events max I think, so not in competition with you for points..I think I calculated that im 3rd overall in championship at the mo..hooray *cool* but that's not to last one bit!


But as Dave J says, its all fun *thumbup*

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