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Passcode test


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Mine arrived this morning as well. Although I wouldn't worry too much if you haven't got yours yet, I am sure Barry will leave everyone enough time to handle the idiosyncrasies of the Royal Mail before he switches it over.




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Blimey Steve, what are you doing down here, a bit of undercover work ?


I got my passcode this morning, you can use it to authorise all of the Blatchat characters that you own *thumbup* and any that you care to create in future


Paul 😬


Supercheese R250


Caterham pictures here 😬

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So, I got me a letter,


and I start to enter my numbers , then I cannot remeber all my personalities, so we may have said good bye to a few "extra " members of this fraternity 😳 ☹️ ☹️ 😳


The Liver is an evil organ and deserves to be punished

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