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Duratec Hydraulic Clutch Setup


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Can someone help me with this please?


I`m running a hydraulic clutch. I bought a Girling 0.7 master cylinder from TAS Motorsport......

I ordered a clevis and clevis pin from Caterham. The clevis was the same as the one used on the brake master cylinder but the clevis pin is a smaller diameter as the holes in the clutch pedal are smaller than the ones in the brake pedal.


Also with the clevis fitted the clutch pedal seems to far forward.....ie too close to the end of the footwell. It looks like there should be a different and longer type of clevis.


I`ve serched the duratec websites but can`t see a picture which clearly shows the pedal box arrangement. Can any of you advise on your setup


Simon Bell - Caterham 7 Duratec R

I`ve seen the future.....and it`s powered by duratec Check out the website here

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