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Metalic noise

robert green

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I have noticed in recent months a metalic sounding noise (a bit like a steel ball bearing being shaken around the inside of a can - centralfugal force keeping it to the outside hence not bang, more a wheering). I can find nothing loose, but it stops when the car is taken out of gear or the clutch is disengaged. Only apparent when moving. Any ideas - car is a 1700 xflow dedion. *confused*
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Could be a Trans Bearing. It is difficult to guess just what it may be from reading a skimpy description :-).

Had to replace the Input Bearings on my trans last year.. just a few days after having put in a new clutch assembly.. of course .

It made a horrible metallic clanking noise when power was applied in first gear. Thought the box was full of Rocks, seriously worrying.

Upon dissasembly I found that the input shaft bearing.. had a bit of wear.. but was still looking pretty good despite it all.. I was amazed at the noises generated from so little. A relatively inexpensive repair.. but it took 'more' than a few hours work




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