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Using Water Temp. Gauge for Oil Temp.


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Having installed an Apollo tank I decided to make use of the fitted oil temperature sender and wiring that was already in the loom.


I bought a new two way switch and have wired the oil temperature sender and water temp. sender wires to it with the ouput going to the water temperature gauge.


The water temperature seems to be shown correctly, with the thermostat and fan functioning at the correct temperatures, as indicated by the gauge.


The oil temperature appears to be reading low, only 40 degrees when I couldn't hold my hand on the tank.


I have a VDO gauge...would the sender be set up for a differently calibrated gauge and if so is it possible to get the correct sender to fit the Apollo that will read correctly on the VDO gauge 🤔


Keep off the straight and narrow *tongue* 😬

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If the thread in the apollo is M10 (I think it is) you can use the oil temp sender off a MK1 Golf GTI (or the water temp sender of any Golf MK1, but it is not proved to survive above 120 deg.)




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I called Think Automotive. here


This pdf is quite interesting here


They know all about VDO vs Caterham branded gauges (water and oil compatible senders). They sent the correct sender out directly.

This works perfectly for oil temp switched to my water temp gauge.


Hants (North) and Berkshire Area club site here

My racing info site






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My car is a 1995 1.4K Supersport.

The oil temp sender wire was black with a yellow stripe. There was a whole load of it ending with a sealed end cable tied to the left upright of the chassis, just in fron to the alternator. The other end of this was sealed but in the right place for the water temp gauge *thumbup* *thumbup*.


Thanks Steve for the Think Automotive link...will get in touch with them.




Keep off the straight and narrow *tongue* 😬

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Ah yes, they will. Sorry, I misunderstood, I thought you already had a vdo sender but with a Cat guage which is why readings were strange. Must read posts properly!


Oh well!




NN 😳


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