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LA rear wheel steer

Chris K

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on the way back from our hols in the UK I got a bit of nasty rear wheel steer.. at first thought this was the A frame bush but after changing this (cheers Nick *smile*) it was still occouring..


The symptoms are a wiggle when under power and when diping the clutch to change gear.

Where should I start looking..

Now Iv checked the nuts on the half shafts, as Iv experianced one of those loosening and getting halfshaft play and if felt similar. Iv given it all a good heave-ho when off the floor but I cant feel any movement, but would I be able to feel this by hand??

I thought if teh bush's at teh front of the A frame failed there wouldnt be enough movement in them to give a rear wiggle.. Radius arms?? but I thought if the radius arms were going it would occour more on bumpy bits, which it doesnt so much.

Is there anything else that maybe Im not thinking about it could be?



'Going round the corner givin' it a handfull'

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Live axles are pretty lively at the best of times. I doubt it's actually rear wheel steer, especially as you say nothing moves much when you heave on it. Have you tried rotating the axle/wheels with the handbrake on? This will tell you if the trailing arm bushes or mounting bolts are loose.


If the axle is properly located, you may be feeling weight transfer effects, so it's worth checking the dampers.


SEP field working, not spotted in 101,600 miles. Some photos on webshots, updated 10 June

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