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Complete EU3 K series 1.8 K16 engine

Jason Plato

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Lifted from a Landorover Freelander with 21,000 miles on the clock


all looks good following lid off inspection .


I was going to use it as a base for another engine , but now its not required .


Doesnt have inlet plenum .








Edited by - Dave Jackson on 30 Jun 2004 15:20:17

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Dave - i'm going to be away from a PC until tomorrow evening, so i'll say that i'll take the engine if it is suitable for my conversion (not sure about all this EU2 / EU3 stuff) *confused*

I have a head coming that should go on as well. I'll catch you at the South Wales meet tomorrow night anyway.


Cheers *thumbup*


Rik Robarts - bl**dy bright orange 1.4k SS here

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