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R400 New Build - Boot Cover Question


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Two questions about fitting the boot cover to a new build R400 with a FIA bar and aero screen (i.e no hood sticks).


Firstly I don't seem to have enough popers to attach to the body work, I think there are 14 pre-drilled holes in the rear/sides of the car (and some more on the baulk head where the shoulder strap harness bolt on). So go me wondering whether CC normally supply the tib with the 14 poppers already rivetted to the bodywork?


Second the boot cover has a label that says something like R500 Hood Sticks boot cover - now I have a hunch that this is the wrong one for my car *wink*, so I'll return this for the shallower non-weather gear version, however before I do this I presume a 'non-weather gear, FIA roll bar boot cover' will also fit the SLR cage I intend fitting after SVA?




R400 Duratec 230bhp *cool*

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My car (2004 Roadsport) had the rear poppers round the boot opening already rivetted, but the ones that go into the harness mounting bar had to be fitted during the build. Sounds like you indeed have some missing.


Not sure on the cage point (although I suspect it will) but I'm sure Caterham will be able to send you the correct boot cover if you tell them what you need.




My Caterham Academy 2004 Diary

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My kit (October 2003) was one of the very forst with the new 'Caged' bar with the 'X' bracing. The boot cover supplied was for the older Arch supplied bar with te single diagonal, and didn't fit.


The replacement CC sent (FOC *thumbup*) was marked 'R500 with hood sticks' and fits much better. This same cover presumably fits the new Caged full rollcage (as per Academy 2004 cars), as the rear structure of the cage is identical to the roll bar.


The popper bases on the car are normally rivetted on by CC after the car is painted. Looks like they forgot on yours... James G will sort you out *thumbup*




See some pictures of the build here. First 2000 miles completed!

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Mike the boot cover for the full roll cage caterham supply is £80 and is **** ,it also has the holes

to big and a wast of money, get in toutch with ed marriott at otc 01883 718530, i wend down and we made a custom one that fits a dream he may still have my template, i also think the one they charge £80 is just the standard roll cage one without hood sticks but with a diferent price tag .

of £40 more ,if you look at my web site there will be a picture before and after i think.

GOOD LUCK *cool*



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