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Can you make room for one more please?

Ernie Panks

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Hi gang,

Should be working hard, but following a discussion I had with Nick Woods last Saturday night I thought I'd take a peek down here to see if you had enough room for another convert. This is how Blatchat used to be! Well very close anyway except for some worrying threads about chopping things off that are turning blue etc!

Judging by the posts I felt it necessary to do a couple of things to try and fit in. Firstly, put the kettle on and brew a nice cup of PG(ahh that's better!) and secondly dig out my special box of Danish Wine gums.




visit Carrotland.co.uk

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welcome ernie, here's a chocolate bikkies and a copy of Beano...enjoy *thumbup*


you're welcome as we're a friendly lot that enjoy a good laugh and meet up and have a good larf from time to time here....


quixotic one liners, innuendo, and subtle humour always prevalent and welcome here....


Steve B

Big Black Beast^3 Lighten up everybody....NOW

USA 2005: How the West Was Driven

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Thanks, is it a Hob Nob? In which case, just hand me the packet!

Nice to see some good natured banter here too. It's the first time I've looked at Blatchat for many months and burst out in laughter at some of the posts!

Thanks for the toffee Paul, will have to be careful with my filling though.


visit Carrotland.co.uk

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Aye, tis grim upstairs (albeit a couple of chaps were friendly enough to donate to our moped marathon, but I suspect that they spend more time watching down here than posting up there! 😬)


Welcome, and have a Revel! *biggrin*


Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads.....

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I was being serious for a momnent there.


I am an Area Organiser.


So is Ernie,


So is Birdwhistler, and Rach.


I suggest you should be more respcetful in front of new shedders, and to those who you have chosen to associate yourself with *tongue* 😳 *eek* *cool* 😬 *wink*


Edited by - mav on 26 Jun 2004 22:51:33

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Hopefully he's putting the final touches to the Big Blat in Carrotland (Sorry if this is the wrong name but I'm too lazy to go and check - I don't mean to start a GOG thread on names)


Very excited by the whole deal as I have been let out to play for the whole day with Windy - which reminds me I have to download a form and pay for it....hold on a second there's something not right here....


Any chance of a Cambs/ sheds/ anybody - convoy to the event itself.

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