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Lotus S2 gearbox


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Cannot directly answer your question but we recently had a problem with the tail housing on our 3-rail (pre-escort) gearbox in a SIII. We found that the gearbox support/fixing bracket is specific to a type of tailhousing/mounting bracket combination. Later combinations, wedge shaped fixing on the tailhousing, would make the tailhousing and gear change sit too high on our chassis. If your chassis is orginal SII, I suggest you look at the support bracket.
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Propshaft will need modification, sliding spline arranngement is different, I think the lenght will need modifying too.


Note that the earlier 3 rail box can be fitted with lightweight alloy bellhousing, sport box has integral cast iron bellhousing.


Gear lever position is also different - escort sport box had a gear lever extension fitted, not sure on the older 3 rail box.



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The later 3 rail boxes (as in my 68 S3) have a nice Ford remote. On a S2 it would probably have had a cobbled up Standard Triumph remote. If you read contemporary reports the gear lever usually needed shortening and bending to clear the bottom rail of the scuttle.
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