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St George's Cross....

Alex Birtwisle

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....and if I was St George I would be cross too.


I was working on the A20 today. In the 3km section coned off for me were 32 flags with the cross of St George on. They had all fallen off cars. Yet more crap to litter the countryside ☹️ Makes you wonder how many road sides are as littered as this *confused*


Pip pip




1.8K Viper Blue and Spandex



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Mrs. B put on on each car in our driveway, including the BROKEN DOWN one... *mad*


come to think of it, perhaps that flag on THAT car jinxed England *confused*


Steve B

Big Black Beast^3 Lighten up everybody....NOW

USA 2005: How the West Was Driven

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//Original mail editted as been done before in Chit Chat//


G 4 Geoff


Leather Good - Carbon Fibre Bad *wink*



619 GTD here


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