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Minno trailer center boarding

SLR No.77

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It is possible. They can retrofit most if not all options. Not sure of cost, give Paul Bally a ring he's a very helpful chappy and an ex-Academy competitor so a Caterham fan.


If I was doing it myself I'd look at marine ply I think.


What benefit do you see in having the centre filled in? I can understand the benefit for a closed trailer like a shuttle but not sure what you'd gain on an open trailer. Do you think it would keep the car cleaner? If you have it done I'd be interested in the results.

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I did it with 12mm shuttering ply. Put a length of angle iron across the bed at the front to give a bit more support, two coats of grey International Bilge Paint, handful of M8 bolts to hold it down, job done. I then spent considerably longer fashioning a rail system to secure the ramps, but the bed was dead easy (& cheap).
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Chelspeed - I think the centre decking is to


*arrowright*stop loads of crap coming up and onto your car when towing

*arrowright*allows you to walk about on your trailer easier

*arrowright* allows you to spot oil leakages

*arrowright*additional space to put tools and other trackday/compeition detrius such as sandwiches rather than the floor


I don't think the last 3 are marketed as reasons by BJ to buy it 😬



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Thanks for the replies *thumbup*


I'm looking into it for 2 reasons:


1. I'm told the amount of crap that is thrown at the car, especially on wet roads, is substantially reduced;

2. My father has a motorbike / sidecar combination and would like to be able to transport it abroad. Even if the wheels fall in the correct position, experience has shown with bike trailers in the past that life's much easier if you have a solid floor to the trailer.



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