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Paul McKenzie

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Why does it always happen. Just spent heaven knows how many years sqeezing the last molecules of Autosol out of a tube that was bought sometime during the late 70s early 80s, then concluded "there aint no more in there, easier getting blood out of a stone.." so I ditch the thing. Now I finding values are rising better than the footsey 250. *mad* Had a tube of the Halfords Autosol copy stuff a while back - chromesol or autocrome or something - just didn't compare - hence the need to surgically extrapolate the last tidgy bit from the Autosol. Story in biking circles is that it rates along side WD40 as an aphrodisiac *tongue* (not sure whether correct spelling - got all excited and started shaking 😬



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I can get Autosol and send it to UK

Give me the quantum and the price you are willing to pay

Well under 100£ per 100g tube.

!kg cans also at hand.


Allso swaping for walid tuningparts for Ford x-flowengine

Inletmanifold for Weber DCOEs short for Caterham

Steelposts and tubes for rockerspacing

Kent 244 Camkit

Vernierpulley for dubbelchain

1300 pistons with rings

Valves in 41.3 mm out 34 mm with guides

Gasflowed head 140-150bhp

Send me a private mail to


Reg Bengt Metz




Bengt Metz



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