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Sticking valve?


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Anyone who heard my attempted gentle drive away from the clubstand at stoneleigh at about 2.00pm on sunday will probably realise my car aint fixed.


I did ask one of the comma girls what was wrong with it - she didn't know - she did however give me a bag with hand cleanser in it - which was nice, The man at Caterham said to get it checked on a computer so I am having the ecu checked this afternoon, this will confirm that it either is or isnt the ecu that is broken, I have changed the IACV and the water rail temperature sender, it still doesnt idle when cold, and has no power below 3000rpm when you set off. (makes a funny sound like its either missing or very underfuelled apparently).


It has been suggested its a sticky valve, how do I check this and how is it rectified - I am very stupid and don't understand mechanical terms over and above 'spanner' so would be grateful if you could tailor responses to suit -


BTW somebody told me to do a compression test, I know the tester is only about £30 but wouldn't know what to a) do with it or b) do with the results once I had got some..


I am getting very irritable about my cars misbehaviour. It is not making me happy, I have had strong words with it last night it still isn't listening *mad*




Oh - how do you change a rear wing - it got a big hole in it on sunday on the way home?


Not a good trip nows I come to think about it ☹️

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I did ask one of the comma girls what was wrong with it - she didn't know - she did however give me a bag with hand cleanser in it - which was nice,


my question is why did yu need hand cleanser after speaking to the Comma girls???? *confused*

did she spot you playng pocket billards

😬 😬




Now, Beakie, we'll just flip this switch and 60,000 refreshing volts of electricity will surge through your body. Ready?..

See my CAR here

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compression tester goes into the plug hole and then engine is turned over. i think that I'm correct in saying that the measurement is done with the throttle open. I cant remember why but maybe if you do search then it will appear. Roger King gave an explanation some time ago. This will also give you details on the acceptable variance.

The wing simply unbolts after taking of the rear light cluster. If the new wing comes undrilled then mark it up and drill, if its drilled then bolt it straight on and then refit the light cluster. You will also have to refit the stone guard which is best done before bolting up tight as the plastic strip may need to be moved around a little. Should not be more than a couple of hours work New wing from Caterham in std colours other wise its a paint job 🙆🏻

I've just checked the archives and the variance is 10% with the throttle wide open.

Run Baby Run *eek*

does it really have anything less than full throttle


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A company like BBR tel 01280 702389 charge ~£25 to check an ECU core is still functioning.

Apparently most ECU cores are ok.

They can usually repair the faulty connection or minor components.



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A good guy for you to speak to is Martin (MEF motorsport) you can e.mail him via his ads in "for sale" section. He only lives 90 seconds drive from you. He's built a few 7's and sorts most peoples technical problems locally. You can e.mail me if you want me to put you in touch. I have put a few rear wings on my old 7 after incidents on track if you are stuck with that one.


Kenny SLR



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