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Nasty Top End Noise 8 Mnth Old Superlight


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Returned from Stoneleigh this afternoon in my 1.6 Superlight, nipped out to fill up with petrol to have a run out to Cadwell later tomorrow, started car after filling up and instantly a nasty tapping noise appeared from top end.


Any ideas?


I suspect cam follower or broken valve spring. Hope the warranty covers this only done 2300 miles.


Fingers crossed I can get it fixed before my first sprint-Curborough.





Edited by - tonyr on 5 May 2003 20:46:42

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Thanks for the prompt replies.


Plug cover, exhaust and inlet manifold nuts tight, Oil level fine and still very clean.


I will leave overnight, and hope this will any allow air to clear from the cam follower.


Strange how instant this occured on starting engine after a 25-30mph run for half a mile from home to my local petrol station.



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