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I'm Hungry

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As it happens I was looking through the bikeshed window at the time, you can see the dribble marks on the glass, I.m hungry too and I've only got a darylea triangle *thumbdown* 🙆🏻




Anyone want to swop something for a darylea triangle?

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Whoohoo! Round four of the BTCC from Brands just about to start *smile*. It was kind of the yanks to come over and offer the Champ cars as a support race this bank holiday *tongue*, wasn't it 😬.


Must watch that later, too *thumbup*.


Just finished a pizza *tongue*. What can I eat now 🤔



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I don't do breakfast, well apart from I've met a nice new friend and your are the wrong sort to be *my* friend, Alex is kind of cute *wink*


Apparently your breakfast chef has been banned from Blatchat for a while, I think the Bikesheders need to appeal to the Headmaster in order to get him out of permanent detention ☹️



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