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Apollo Tank - necessary?


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I drive a 1999 VVC Caterham and intend to take it on a track day in July at Bedford Autodrome. I haven't got any others booked, and I was wondering if I need to fit an Apollo tank. Is this a must have or just desirable if you're doing lots of track days? I'm a bit short of money and I don't want to have to fork out for no reason...


I only run standard Avon tyres and the cornering forces aren't that high.




- How can such a cute looking car sound so ferocious! -

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The general opinion seems to be that an Apollo is the minimum level of protection required for a wet-sump K used for track days. It de-aerates frothy oil, and provides a useful (and comforting) low-pressure oil reserve for those surge-inducing twisty bits. I've no regrets from fitting mine -- and, of course, it's a simple step to then add a Laminova oil intercooler!




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Thanks. I'm guessing the foam in the sump is OK as its been serviced by Caterham all its life.


I'll look into an Apollo tank.


- How can such a cute looking car sound so ferocious! -

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I also have a 1999 VVC *biggrin*. I researched this around 18 months ago and the conclusion was that one doesn't take a VVC anywhere near a track without an Apollo as minimum.


The VVC is probably the most prone of all 7 engine when it comes to risk oil starvation. *thumbdown* The engine sits lower in the car so it can actually fit under the bonnet. In doing so Caterham had to fit a shallower sump on the car to give it (the std VVC on prisoner wheels and Michelin pile-ups) a generous ground clearance of 65mm! The shallower sump is one hell of a compromise, leaving next to no resevoir to feed the oil pump pick-up


I fitted an Apollo system last spring before embarking on my first track day. I had no issues but the engine does run around 5 degrees hotter and since the Apollo was fitted I need 7.5 litres of oil per oil change!


Regarding the sump sponge I have just changed this after a life of 6,500 miles swimming in Mobil 1 except first 500 odd miles in non-synthetic Castrol. The old sponge was in excellent condition.





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