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Minno Trailer


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I'm wondering if any detailed drawings or dimensions exist anywhere for the BJ Minno trailer. Has anyone ever been over theirs with a tape measure, or even done CAD drawings or plans?? Looking through the brochure only gives you so much info. I'm looking for enough detailed info to "clone" something "quite" similar, but less poundage - in both senses of the word....


Can anyone help out??? Email me via the link in profile above. Thanks. *thumbup*

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FWIW, I started out with the intention of getting a pile of steel together and welding my own trailer. Adding up the prices of the suspension parts, winch, hook, wheels, etc. came to about 700+vat IIRC. When 2nd hand Minnoes can be had for a bag of sand, I figured I'd only save myself 200 quid by DIY, but have an enormous amount of ball ache designing and fabricating the thing, only to be left with something that nobody would touch with a bargepole if I ever wanted to sell it. Something to think on, maybe.
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Buy a Brian James Clubman, it's the same dimensions, has the same facilities, is lighter and costs less (from £900+vat IIRC) than a Minno.


I've just bought one for my 7, all in with winch, spare wheel, extra lights, rear stands, extra long ramps and heavy duty wheel clamp it was less than £1,500.



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I built my own trailer. The reason I did it was because I managed to get 2 axles with hubs and brakes, 6 wheels and tyres, a hydraulic coupling, brake rods and 2 prop stands and a jockey wheel for £300.

They were all new and were redundant items from a caravan manufacturer.

I reckon I probably spent around £200 on steel, £75 on mudguards and winch and £50 on lights and wiring and odds and ends. In addition, galvanising was about £180. Total cost around £800, so probably about 50% on a similar spec trailer.


1. It probably won't sell as easy as a 'brand' trailer.

2. Took a good bit of extra work to install and adapt the axles.

3. It's probably a bit heavier than a minno, but I always over engineer.


1. Cost savings (but really only because I got the bits cheap).

2. Build it to my own specification i.e. as wide and as long as I wanted to fit my (standard width and length) garage.

3. Included a tyre rack, jerry can carrier, spare wheel bracket, tie down brackets etc.

4. It will carry more than a minno.

Would I do it again - Yes.


1. Go to the Curborough sprint and take your tape measure and camera.

2. Look at the PRG trailer as well as minno.

2. Use angle or channel rather than box - it makes life easier when it comes to galvanising.


If you are still keen to build, I can run a tape over my trailer and send a couple of pictures



Saving up for Supersport R conversion

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