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Aero Filler - Genuine Caterham Part

Harry Flatters

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I have a genuine Caterham (engraved logo) locking aero filler cap for non-injected cars. Picture of similar one here


Complete with stainless steel bolts, gasket and key.


£35 including p&p in the UK - no offers




*arrowright* *arrowright*Harry Flatters *arrowright* *arrowright* *thumbup*

AKA Steve Mell of Su77on Se7ens and Joint AO - Surrey

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assuming Harry's is sold to Swatson (so I don't hijack the thread)...


I have a brand new boxed Caterham Alloy filler cap I didn't get around to fitting to my last car. it is the later /current type (slightly different now to the one pictured by Harry)- mine has the single key hole in the middle and comes complete with two Rover Keys. It will be supplied in Caterham box with Caterham receipt for £90 from a few months ago - asking £49 which includes UK delivery to blatchatters. See the Caterham Web site, online parts secion as mine is the one pictured under the 'accessories' section and priced on there less the VAT



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