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QED Q420H Camshafts


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Pair of QED Q42H camshafts, these are 1 year old and in excellent condition, (have been on a 200BHP Astra rally car for less than 12 months)


Fit in a standard engine with no piston mods, uses standard hydraulic followers and gives a useful increase in power, typically 10-15Bhp on otherwise standard Caterham XE engine.


£150, Martin, 0161 777 7042 or e-mail me.


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Rob, thanks for the telephone call. Your e-mail has not arrived so far, pleae e-mail me directly at: Martin.fox@llcag.co.uk


As soon as Steve receives your deposit the cams are reserved for you!

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The Q42H cams are £165 + delivery +vat + cost of sending your cams for exchange, about £215 in total I think it cost me from QED. I can arrange delivery of these cams FOC to the buyer. Of course they have already been "run in" but there will be no extra charge for that ! The only reason for selling is to recover a bit of cash from my mates rally Astra to help the build of a new Corsa!
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