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peter snellgrove

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Adrian Flux:

Caterham Classic 8 valve VX

£210 basic premium on 3,000 miles with wife as second driver

Personal accident cover £12

Legal protection £15

Total £237

Postcode London SW13


Funnily enough, three years ago when it was new and I was new to it, I was paying £350 with Adrian Flux. On renewal they wanted £450 so I went elsewhere for £350 (can't remember where). The following year, Adrian flux offered me better than £350 and this year £210! I sometimes wonder whether the premium is geared to your pain threshold.


Try them on 08700 777120 and tell them that you were recommended by another Caterham owner who pays £210 basic and see what they come up with.


Good luck.


P.S. It is garaged at night.


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