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Source of Velcro

Andrew Walker

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Can anyone suggest a supplier for the heavyer duty type of Velcro that doesn't have the hooks but has more of an 'arrow' head design. It connects together in a more positive 'Lego' brick manner

*eek* than the normal hook type.

I want it with peel-off sticky back in order to attach an ECU to a vertical surface.



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I know the stuff you mean, Andrew - I have a chunk holding the ignition pack on. There are several varieties - the 'coarsest' one really is like Lego! A place to start looking might be this page at RS here


There is a type where the 'base' strip and the hooks are all molded rather than the base being woven - so it doesn't get soggy if wet.

(Sorry to be a haberdashery nerd).




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I have some industrial strength hook tyoe, that i can suspend mysef from a vertical surface with, using a 1" square. How much do you need and when for?


Oh, People on here taht know me will testify that this means it is really grippy stuff 😬





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I'v borrowed it from Work, where we use it to fix cat 5 outlets into cabs with no fixing holes. I currently havr the soft part fixed along the to of the sideskins to 'cushion' the bonnet & stop the rattles, and to fix the bullet cam to the nose cone.


If you need more, let me know.





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