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Foam Microphone cover for headsets

Foxy Smith

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Anyone know where I can get a replacement foam cover for a headset mike? Mrs Smith has lost her cover which is a nuisance cos its my ears that the wind noise gets! Off to France next week so will be doing some Motorway driving and would be nice to have the headsets working. So far have tried all the local camera/video shops, a couple of music shops and trawled thru the RS online catalogue to no avail. If I could find some foam I'd try carving a new one with the old hot wire trick.


Thanks for any suggestions



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Thanks to Peter Griffiths, I was pointed here:


Mic Socks - The Flying Shop Tel: 01959 576370 or sales@flyingshop.com


Microphone Socks (tie on) 2.99 inc vat


If you are in a hurry, I do suggest phoning rather than e-mail as they seem to only deal with web enquiries in batch mode! BTW, they also do a fantastic bag for headsets which is £16 or so, which I find great when travelling.


All the best - Michael.

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A bit late (as usual with my posts), but if you're serious about reducing wind noise on a microphone you need to think about a long-haired microphone cover, fitting over the foam. Make one yourself, or check out Rycote at www.rycote.com (who make them for the film & TV industry).
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