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which gearbox?


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do a search in the archives for type 9 conversion or simular n you will find several threads about this..

no such thing as a straight swap Im afraid..

you looking at a prop shaft swap (or modding the old one)

gearbox mounts to be fitted (unless car is newer than (91??))


as std Caterham used the 2.8ltr ratios.. but your best bet is to get custom ratios from BGH/RnR trans/etc as most have said here that the 1st on the 2.8Gb is a bit short





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1st - the 4 speed runs a remote shift - the gear lever mounting bracket needs cut out.


2nd - the 4 speed runs has an integral bellhousing. the 5 speed box will need a new bellhousing ( I can't remember - but I think it needs new clutch kit & release bearing aswell??)


3rd - the '4 speed chassis' has a welded steel plate across the transmission tunnel. this acts as the mounting plate for the 4 speed gearbox. It is positioned exactly for the shorter 4 speed box. If you go 5 speed this plate must be axed out altogether (grinder job). The 5 speed won't fit without this action. Then a new plate (from caterham) must be bolted in in the correct position (further back in the tunnel) to secure the 5 speed g/box mount. Easy eh!!


4th - you'll need a new quickshift gear lever


5th - you'll need a new propshaft for the 5 speed (shorter than 4 speed)


I can say this with experience. Not easy and costly. Sourcing a 5 speed box is the simple bit.



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