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Speedo Innaccuracy


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I know this subject has been done to death but my speedo is 🙆🏻 beyond 70 mph. As a result I was considering fitting a Sigma 1200 cycle speedo. But there must be a better option which maintains the aesthetics of the car. My instruments are VDO and I am not looking to spend £100's or go digital, etc.



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Fit the Sigma.


If you want to look more flash then fit it behind the dash with a square cut-out for the display.


Sigma costs £15 and the Stack Equivalent is £180. The Stack gives you the extra digit for those Ton+ speeds. Sigma will still read Max speeds over 100 although real-time display will only go to 99. Not a problem for the road.

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There was a good thread on 15th April on this subject (do a search under Sigma or Speedo). This included a link to:-




Excellent description of how to modify the Sigma - only purchased mine on Saturday so not fitted yet, but seems to work well when fitted to a bike wheel. Was told there's a new 1200 model out which has a slightly smaller display, so I managed to get the last of the old model cheap from my local bike shop (I think it looks better than the new one too!!).





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