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corrosion resistance


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Hi, I am new to this and haven't actually got my 7 yet (academy coming in october), however in an attempt to build up credits for when I need advice then; I saw this in Hein Gericke-haven't tried it but have been told it is very good and may be useful on a 7-


"Protect your bike from rust and road salt.


Scottoiler FS 365 is a blend of mineral oil, anti-corrosion additives and water. These form a stable micro-solution, which you simply spray on your bike. When it evaporates, it leaves a fine film which clings, especially to those hard-to-reach areas in the engine, suspension and behind faired panels. After a wet run, you can re-apply in moments. FS 365 is water soluble and inherently biodegradable, so it’s good for your bike and good for the environment.


Why use FS 365 all year round?


Because even though road salt is most heavily used from November to March, residual salt stays on roads all year round and can be blown into your bike as a powder.


We all know the damage road salt can cause your bike in the winter months. But, ironically, due to its increased corrosive ability in warmer temperatures, road salt is even more corrosive in the summer months. Light summer rain with warmer temperatures makes road salt even more corrosive than in the winter!


An amazing feature of FS 365 is that due to its special anti-corrosion additives, when it comes into contact with road salt, it becomes even more effective, neutralising road salts’ corrosive effects.

Buy Now - £5.99


In fact, road salt also makes FS 365 insoluble – leaving it right where it needs to be."




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Well... Wheat Farmers on the Praries spray their Machinery with Kerosene for winter storage. The Kerosene evaporates leaving a waxy residue, effectively sealing out water/corrosion for the length of the long cold winters.

A bit messy perhaps but if it's acceptable on horrifically expensive machinery it might be acceptable for a Toy Car ;-)

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I may be totally wrong, but the Scotoiler I'm familiar with is an automatic lubrication system designed to lubricate motorbike chains. It is connected to the engine and a through a small pipe mounted just above the chain drips oil onto the chain to prevent siezure. The amount of fluid that is released is dependant on the speed you are travelling. Motorcyclists swear by it but I'm not sure it would be any use as an anti corrosive on a car.

Whether this is a new product I'm not sure, but it is the most evil stuff to handle. It does its job admirably but is a thick red sticky goo that gets everywhere. Stick to waxoyl, and if the intended use of your car is the Academy series I wouldn't even bother with that.


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