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Zetec clutch life.................

Martin S.

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How long should a clutch last on a Zetec? Mine's done 18K and was slipping on blasting up a hill but then couldnt make it do it again. It was after a long period of the car not being used, could it be that or am I in for a bill?


Oh and there was a orrible burning smell as well *confused*


BRG Dedion 2Ltr Zetec on 45's


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Can't really help, but don't want you feeling ignored 😬, I have an 1800 zetec mated to a four speed box, this gives me a diferent driven plate.


Trouble is your question is a little bit like 'how long is a piece of string?' *confused*


It depends how much power you have, how sticky your tyres are, whether you do lots of mororway journeys or track days etc.


FWIW, my driven plate is an AP racing item, I think these have less friction material than the Henry Ford item and whilst it can handle the power it will not last as long as one in a car driven by mondeo-man.


I took the engine out after 6000 miles to fit a lighter flywheel and at a guess three qauaters of the friction material was gone, so I replaced it just to be on the safe side.


If you have had a lot of fun 😬 in those 18000 miles I would imagine that it could well be on the way out. ☹️

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Thanks for the replies chaps, I was beginning to feel unwanted!I've got 165BHP am on road tyres and do give the car some stick (how else do you draive a 7). Done a couple of sprints as well. Trouble is I've only done 6000 of the 18000 miles on it so dont know how it was treated before I got it. Just have to keep driving it and see how it goes (now I've finally managed to get hold of a replacement for the Banner battery).


BRG Dedion 2Ltr Zetec on 45's

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