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Simple, cheap, effective adaptors for replacing Caterham mirrors with Spa/Motamec


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I had a bit of a brainwave and came up with this:


they fit into the holes left by the rubbish Caterham mirrors and accepts a Spa or Motamec mirror (Spa mirror is better, more convex).

these provide you with MUCH better visibility around you than the big crappy Caterham mirrors. they're sturdy and can be clamped down very hard. they have a hole in them for access to the dreaded Spa grub-screw and I supply them with a set of my friction cups to increase the clamping force on the Spa grub-screw and all the needed bolts.

They come in Motamec or Spa fitting, 33 quid delivered and as usual, don't pay me until you're happy that they're worth it.

more info at https://uberniche.co.uk/caterham-spa-adapters

there's already some people using them that seem very happy:Screenshot2023-06-16at15_05_36.thumb.png.b635cada9ea6a6287ed4ee04d98539ac.png

these were fitted by Caterham Gatwick.

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