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Sold - R300D


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I bought this beautiful R300 from Sevens & Classics whilst waiting for my Lotus Emira - the idea was to run the Caterham for 12-18 months until the car arrived then sell on.  A test drive last in 2022 however confirmed I didn't get on with the Emira at all so my order was cancelled.

This cancellation, some personal matters, and some encouragement from various owners has led to the decision to go racing (also in a Caterham!), and I simply don't have the space to keep the R300.

I tried a K-series R300, a 420, a 310 and looked at a large number of cars but this was the right configuration and nicest of them all.

When buying Andy at Sevens & Classics talked through the history of the car - built in April 2010 R300 for someone who, at the time, worked as the Caterham archivist. He said they have a long history of owning Caterhams and other sports cars.

The car itself is pearl white with orange stripes, generally clean bar usual stone chips.

Outline spec is as follows:

175bhp Duratec, 6 speed gearbox, LSD

I think a shade under 4.5k miles currently, weather dependent car may still be used before sale so this may increase

Standard side exit exhaust with cat still in place

'track day' rollover bar

Kevlar seats with harnesses

Heater, heated screen and doors

Included in the asking price is the following

Zipped split tonneau cover

Soft Bits For Se7ens half hood in matching colours - this car is the one shown on their website https://www.softbitsshop.co.uk/the-half-hood-classic---includes-storage-bag-820-p.asp

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Thanks Dan.

I'm being told over on Caterham Marketplace on FB the car is very underpriced and should be £32k, both by public and private messages.

For the record I priced this car at what I felt was right for a quick painless sale but didn't think it was massively under - the rarity of R300Ds will always make it hard to price and I've not followed the market closely enough to see these apparent big upward values I've been messaged about.

The price was dropped from £29k to £27k when I committed to buying a Sigmax race car as I want to avoid any storage issues.

I'm going to review the position post 22nd when I collect the new car and get a feel for how long I can 'borrow' my family member's garage for the race car - at that point the car might be readvertise at whatever market price I can ascertain, in an ideal world I may be able to keep it, or it might go to a dealer to sell.

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There's not much selling at the moment... and beware 'partisan' owners with similar cars telling you yours is worth more simply because they have it in their heads that their cars 'should' be worth at least £30k. 

Buyers always determine the price... it's whatever someone is willing to pay. 

Also.. looks like it's wearing CR500's. Those will need changing as they must be donkeys years old now. Whoever buys it will factor that in. 

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£32k seems optimistic in this market, it's tricky to price a Caterham when you have an emotional attachment to it. I think your £27k (although on the lower end I reckon) pricing is fair and more accessible. However I've seen Superlight Twenty cars moderately used with 310R spec go for no more than £30k mark.

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For what it's worth I would have snapped yours up if it had been on the market 6 months ago, before I bought my Sigma Superlight 150 for not too much less that what you're currently asking for yours, with similar age, condition and mileage.

In my view you're just on the cusp of the "Buy It Now!" price for a Duratec 7. Some might say you should ask for more but we're in a period of the highest inflation in the last 40 years, which will undoubtedly suppress potential buyers' appetite for a big purchase.

Patience is definitely a virtue when selling big ticket items like cars, especially in a period of economic uncertainty.

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If a car is priced right and is a good spec and condition, it should sell quickly at this time of year.

The fact that it came from Sevens and Classics is a good sign - I got my latest 7 from them and they really know their stuff. 

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