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Dry Sump Question


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Hi all, me again *banghead*

Well, we got the car back together and started (Briefly), but I wanted to check everyone's views on the amount of aeration in the dry sump tank. I know it's overfilled, I cocked up because I filled it to 5mm of the baffle before starting not realising the aeration will have such an effect.


Here is what it looks like once idle for a while.


Again, being in Australia nobody seems to have any knowledge of this so the engine builder wanted not to run it till we find out if the amount of aeration is normal. SBD say it is, but wanted a second opinion (Not that I dont trust SBD, but this is a great community). I know I need to drain some oil off, but the engine builder is banging on about putting some clear pipe in the circuit to see if aerated oil is going back to the sump/pump, and I am not sure this is necessary.

Anyway, we're close! It actually moved a foot under it's own power last start! Thanks for any responses in advance!

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Surprised there's no one down under can help you, surely someone down there tunes the odd Ute.....??  *rofl*

The combination of centrifugal swirl from the scavenge hose directing the returned oil around the tank 'wall of death fashion' and the oil running over and thro to upper baffle increases it surface area and permits the air to escape, if the oil is over filled the later part of the process is negated.

Normally you run about 15mm below the top baffle with engine running and at full temp

What tank did you end up with...?

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Thank you. Makes sense. They can fix Ute's down here no probs, but show them a 7 and they shrug their shoulders. It's been through 3 shops, none finish the job unfortunately. *curse* I will get some of the oil out and try again. Appreciate the response. Good on ya cobba!

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