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6 speed box dimensions

7 number 4

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Its with Dave Andrews in Milton Keynes (it came over with the engine) and is going to Road & Race in Sevenoaks.  I'm using a carrier next door to R & R so will go direct rather than via a hub somewhere.  

Point taken re protection and that's why I was interested in the dimensions in case I can find a box of the right size, rather than relying on tying it down to a pallet.  I will ring R&R tomorrow as its just occurred to me that they will probably know all about this subject!


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As 7WOW suggests - I would want it strapped to a pallet or in a ply box / bespoke cradle. I wouldn't entertain a cardboard box - simply trying to lift it the weight of the gearbox would make the card collapse.

I work at a fastenings company and we always have a stack of damaged pallets that are a PITA to get rid of - just find a local company and I'm sure they'll give you one for free. Anyone local having building work done? Pallets usually go in the skip!

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