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Durable Dot "Gypsy" fastener


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So as part of my rebuild, I needed a new boot cover (for the FIA roll over bar).  I also needed new dot poppers and bases as the old ones disappeared from the car during the refurb.  When ordering from Chris (at Redline) I rather glibly just asked for a whole car's worth of dot fasteners.  These have turned up but in the bag are 2 "Gypsy" fastener bases along with loads of the other usual type. 

Obviously it didn't occur to me to photograph every fastener on the car body as I was stripping it down, so my question is, where do the 2 "gypsy" fasteners go?

Can anyone help?

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The ones on the LHS allow for piggy-backing, so have a socket on the other side of the fabric.  The ones on the right fix to a surface.  On my Crossflow 1996 edition car, the "gypsy" units fit at the front corners of the boot cover.



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Stephen is correct with the positioning of the "gypsy" (never heard them call that before) poppers but I think you will find that they are only suitable for attaching a tonneau cover. They would need to be replaced with one way poppers if a soft bits hood is to be used. 

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I've just been giving the car a once-over prior to its MOT, only to discover that the nearside "piggyback" popper had broken loose from its partner.  The rivet section had partly cracked away:


This is the other side:


The cause I can only attribute to a very loose mount:


The self-tapper was practically falling out, so the half-hood strap would be pulling on the popper at a sharp angle.

Anyway, for info, I can confirm that this popper attaches to either a tonneau or a Soft Bits half-hood strap (I use both).




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