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Remote Thermostat kit for K Series

Mark Widdup2

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Thanks both for you valued input. Just a quick question on the 500110, on the diagram it looks to have an input of 35mm and two outputs of 35mm and 33mm. Doing online searches, top hose looks to be 32mm so my questions are please-

1) Im guessing the main flow goes through the 35mm outlets if you break into the top hose and therefore can you just stretch a fit over the 35mm inlet/outlet or are converters needed?

2) Where does the 33mm offshoot then break in to please?

Many thanks as always.


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Hi Mark

All the ones  I've fitted accepted stock 32mm ID hoses without issue,

The principle is similar to a domestic shower, a hot inlet direct from the top hose, a cold inlet form the bottom of the rad and a return - effectively your 'shower head' the thermostat shuttles to maintain the outlet temp and since it is in full flow of the top hose it can do so rapidly and very effectively.

the QED version places a stat in dead top hose with negligible water flow until the stat opens so initially the stat only sensors primarily by conduction as it is not in a  direct 'flow' so its response times are slower.  

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