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Sigma lightweight flywheel ?


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I have a Ti-VCT sigma with an ultra light flywheel and clutch from Premier Power. It was fitted as part of their F160 conversion to my 270. 

The sigma as standard has a big old heavy flywheel. Which really dulls their response. The PP wheel and clutch takes just under 7kg of rotational mass away. It makes the car feel much much more responsive revs picking up and flaring like a motorbike. It really brings the car alive. There is also lots more engine breaking. It feels like you have a more powerful car. But of course the flywheel doesn't add power! Heel and toe changes and rev matching are now a delight and lightning quick. 

The caterham lightweight wheel takes about 3.5kg of mass out. And will give less of an effect, but still will improve response. So it depends what you want and how you use your car. 

The PP kit has a heavier clutch action with a much sharper bite, and with the revs flaring quicker initially it was harder to drive at low speeds. But I soon adjusted and I can slouch through villages without noticing. 

All in all on a sigma, it's well worth it in my view.

If you're going to drop your engine and swap, I'd highly recommend a PP kit and their services. You won't regret it ! 


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