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Raceline Dry Sump Help!


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Hello everyone. Me again, building this Caterham in Sydney Australia..

We're almost ready to go. Just today, when plumbing the dry sump we realised we were not sure of the oil line routing. It's a raceline dry sump, as you would all know 2 ports, 1 straight and one on an angle out of the sump:


What we are looking to confirm is routing of the oil lines? From the bottom port of the oil tank to which port? Then, from which port to the top of the oil tank? Also, where ideally in the loop should the oil cooler sit? On the way in, or out?

If anyone can explain this in simple terms for me I would really appreciate it! If I can get an answer UK time today (My night), we're good to crank it tomorrow, 2 years almost to the day after the car arrived! 

I would really appreciate it!!! I also have fitting instructions from Raceline if anyone wants them, just that it did not cover which port is in or out.


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Hi Darren, the info is from the Caterham assembly guide. They say the rear angled connection is the inlet from the oil tank, the front one the outlet. The front one should be the outlet from the pump scavenging the hot oil from the sump and sending it to the oil cooler, the oil cooler then returns the cooled oil to the top of the oil tank.

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