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Rear dampers pre 96.5 through-the-dedion-tube lower mount type.


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Looking for a working pair of rear dampers for a pre 1996 K series dedion. Ideally Bilstiens, if anyone has a pair still lying around after upgrading? Open to other makes/brands too.

Don't actually need the springs or platforms, though would be interested in complete units if easier.

They're shorter than the 1996 onwards Bilstiens, and they mount through the dedion, not below it, and had non-progressive springs - which is the easiest way to differentiate them visually. I can't identify a Caterham part number.......and they don't seem to be listed on their website and Redline can't get them, and say Caterham don't want to approach Bilstien for another batch.

My dedion tube is in fine health otherwise, so loathed to go that route.

Mine are old/high miles and have lost their capacity to damp rebound, but otherwise serviceable, so any recommendations on where to reliably get them serviced also appreciated. Road use only currently rears have 125lbs springs down from 180 new. Fronts are much younger!

I believe The Nitron equivalents are the same for both pre and post 96, with a spacer the only difference?


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Just had my rear dampers from a  2000 car refurbished by Bilstein, £236 all in including return delivery and VAT. Took about 3 weeks and very straightforward. Would have been extra for powder coating and a longer lead time but mine were in reasonable cosmetic condition so I didn't bother.

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Hi All and thanks for your feedback. I agree on the Springs, all four of mine from Faulkner, great service, advice, price etc.

I think I'll go down the refurbished Bilstein route, and have just got off a call to them. Last week on Thur/Fri their number was being answered by a voice mail to the effect that it was unable to take more messages. New week, and it's fine,

Bilstein Service Department, Meridian Business Park, Unit 7 Vitruvius Way, Leicester LE19 1WA

Tel: 0116 289 8345 (then press 2 for service - 'service shop')

They said nominally £85+VAT per damper, plus optional nominal £40+VAT per damper for striping the unit down, blasting and powder coat, by their preferred third party.

2-3 weeks for each of these two processes separately, 4-6 combined. They can re-bush the end eyes for a small extra, as it's not included in the standard service - they ask for a covering letter detailing the service required and a contact number/return address.

So somewhere around £300/pair including VAT: stripped, blasted, repainted, rebuilt to spec, re-bushed. Plus return postage.

Just called back to confirm that it is only the damper body they need and it is. If customers send their dampers with springs and spring seats assembled, that's fine, and it only takes them minutes to remove, though will drive up the postage by virtue of the weight of the springs!


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Hi Chris........I didn't, and I couldn't find any lbs markings on the rear springs once removed.

I knew I had original 1995 dampers and springs on the car. The rear springs were entirely painted yellow (the fronts were entirely black). I still have the original springs (fronts and backs) in a box.

I spent too long on BC and eventually came across a thread where there was mentioned that in-period early K series (1.4s) were fitted with whatever rear springs Caterham had in stock.......rear springs for the contemporaneous and heavier Vauxhall engined cars, and a mention of 'yellow 180lbs rears'!

Looking at the yellow rear spring girth/thickness of coil wire, it is considerably thicker than the 150lbs fronts, so must surely have a stiffer rate?

I don't have the thread hyperlink to hand, but if I ever re-find it I'll post here.

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