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Cleaning Stainless Headers


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Not sure if this has been covered before, but I wanted to share my experience with this afternoon's activity..... tidy up my headers, which were tarnished.

Tried using metal polish but that wasnt touching it, so decided to use a 15% concentrated solution of citric acid and let it soak for a while and then scrubed using fine wet and dry and wire wool (rinsing thoroughly with fresh water afterwards). This method worked really well, removing the tarnish without too much elbow grease!

This is the result after about an hours work! Not after a concours standard polished look, just a tidy up, so more than happy with how it turned out!

20230205_133823.thumb.jpg.d6228ff1a87213c048334aec53e3ce22.jpg 20230205_154824.thumb.jpg.a91aa430aeb9008b202b769fdafa4308.jpg 20230205_154854.thumb.jpg.d186ed105e6b6780b3f6de99fd33e5f5.jpg


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Great tips, thanks. I'll need to give mine some TLC before the end of hibernation and yours look like I will want mine to.

It's the stubborn tarnishing on the end pipe which I struggle to remove with Autosol. A previous recommendation of Harpic was good but not curative. 

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I heard that Harpic 10x Power cleaner has good results (Hydrochloric Acid), but due to being more aggressive and designed to cling to toilet bowls, you just have to make sure everything is thoroughly rinsed to avoid any left over continuing to eat away at the stainless.

Citric acid is apparently also used for passivation of Stainless steel, so will be interesting to see if using this also helps it to stay tarnish free for longer?

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