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Caterham Levante V6 - RST Engine Help


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Chris Wheeler of the 7 Workshop helped Russell Savory with installing the V8 prototypes, he's away at the moment but I rang him and he said contact Mountune who helped develop the R6. Northampton Motorsport know about the V8.

Hope that helps. Dikko

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Ditto #6, but they could also take the plugs out, stuff some tissue paper in the plug holes and then then turn the engine over by hand. The firing order will be the same as the order the tissue is blown out of each plug hole. Although you only have a one in six chance of actually starting with number one, it's easy to write the sequence down and then re-arrange them so number one is at the top of the list with the others following on in the correct order.

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Thank you Gents for your comments.

The firing order issue is resolved, albeit as the engine is in pieces the next bit of info being sought is the torque values for reassembly.

Hence, looking to get in touch with Mr Russell Savory himself *driving*

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