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Where to buy Xstream g30 antifreeze

C7 Owl

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Been meaning to install new thermostat and fill antifreeze. Seems to be the g30 red antifreeze is recommended. Finally have a bit of time on Saturday but amazon and usual online suspects cant deliver until middle of next week. Halfords and eurocarparts don't seem to stock. Anyone out there know a bricks and mortar retailer that stocks this brand either national chain or in Sutton, Kingston, Croydon area particularly if a motor factor.


Or else what other brands are good alternatives for 1.6k.



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As an update managed to find a motor factor down the road from me that has the 5L concentrated version for £25.  Considerably cheaper than the Halfords who wanted £19 for the 2L concentrated or £25 for the premixed 5L.  Motor factor didnt have in stock but was happy to order for tomorrow so pretty rapid.  

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