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MBE 967 speed index map 32125 across all sites


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I've been trying to diagnose a poorer than I'd like  throtle response on my R500K (few hundred ms lag when accelerating ). I found and  fixed a very slow acceleration fuel decay but that lead me to poke about at other settings using a copy of my ECU chipfile  (not near the car for a couple weeks) .

The Esimap manual says the speed index map must contain valid data ,but it is 32125 rpm across the board (site 0 to site 47) which makes me wonder what the ECU is using because apart from the transient fuelling issue , the car runs well.

Can anyone with a 967 tell me if their speed index map has anything sensible in it pls (or share your map file)
Otherwise I plan to reconnect easimap and get it to display RPM and speed site , but I am curious how it 'knows' currently to correlate speed site to RPM without this map.

thanks for any inputs


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Hi Andy,

I remember a similar thing when Toms car had a K with an MBE 967.

I suspect you may not be using the correct  .ec2 file.

I've just tried to open Toms chip file using the wrong .ec2 file and see just what you describe.

967bc47a.ec2 works for us (which I recall was not included when I downloaded Easimap). If you need a copy, let me know.

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Thanks Richard,  so user error !

I have tried other 967 .ec2 files which  do at least show 0-12000 speed index , bit confused why fuelling is adjusted above 9000 rpm though as it rev limits at  8650 (hard) . Guess i'll need to just connect the laptop back up to the car and read it directly with the ECU connected.

Appreciate the feedback







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